Multiple surfaces with multiple UV directions, i want them to be in one direction and equaly divided

i have multiple surfaces. they are in different sizes. i want them to be tile-able with same coordinates and directions. Right now the have different directions in U and V.
as you can see, i used lunch box to tile the surfaces, but they’ve got different directions and different sizes in tiling process.
if there is any other way to do it, or a way to make all the surfaces redirected to be like each other, it would be appreciated.
thanks (76.2 KB)

You could unify your surface’s U & V directions something like this, but the same size tilling with different proportions is another task for you. (79.4 KB)

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Great approach Kim. i solved to UV direction problem and i appreciate your perfect solution.
for dividing problem i will go for “paneling tools” for sure. i can use the surface grid by length and other cool components Raja created.
thanks a lot.