Multiple surfaces into single surface

How can I combine multiple surfaces into a single solid surface?

I have 26 surfaces. I would like to combine them as one unified surface


I’m not sure what you want to do - or why.
Not many single surfaces are solid - a sphere is an example of one that is. Anything more complex than that will normally be composed of several surfaces. Any reason why that wouldn’t work for you?

I’m trying to overlay bricks onto the surfaces uniformly and then remove the underlining surfaces, leaving the brick as the pattern of the original surface.

I’m trying to take the brick in the diagram and overlay it onto the building surface on the left. Then, remove the building surface leaving the brick as the structure of the building

Greg, even if one surface, how do you intend to apply the brick pattern?


Notwithstanding Pascal’s question, you could try Drape (play with the options) if perfect accuracy isn’t important.

I would like to make it perfect if possible. I’m not sure how to apply the brick pattern.