Multiple requests (Rhino.Compute)

Hi Team,

I have configured rhino compute on windows with single request we are able to get request but if we hitting multiple requests one request send 200 responce but other request is failing.

Is there a way to send request simultaneously, Please help me on this

Thanks in adavnce,

@AndyPayne - can you help?


Hi @prasad_g Can you elaborate on what is “failing”? Are you seeing any error reports in the rhino.compute console window? Are you using Hops to send the request? Or are you sending requests in some other manner? If you are using Hops, can you share the definition you’re using so I can take a look?

If you haven’t already done so, I would recommend going to Grasshopper → Preferences → Solver and then under the Hops section uncheck the button to “Hide the Rhino.Compute Console Window”. This will require you to restart Grasshopper, but then you should see a new console application appear in your task bar every time you start Grasshopper.