Multiple printing on a4 format of spline drawing

Hi there. Small question to you. I’ve made some splines drawing inside rhinoceros and I would like to print them in my job printer keeping my dimensions 1:1. My drawing is bigger that a4 that I have in job so I need to split it into severals pieces and keep size constant so after I glue those prints together I get proper size of my drawing. Is this possible to export that cad drawing splited into pieces and ready for print into a4 sheets ?

Hi @Tobiasz,

One solution would be to create a layout for each piece, being careful to keep the scaling constant.

Another possibility, depending on your printer having the capability, would be to use the printer’s poster mode where the printer driver splits the image.

I’d go with the first option: apart from anything else you have some scope to adjust the pieces so cut lines don’t go through critical areas. You may want to add some registration marks to the drawing to help line up the assembly.


Can you point me out how to archive that with first option you provided ?

Hi @Tobiasz,

Here are the basics.

  1. Draw your geometry, e.g.:

  2. Overlay a grid indicating where each A4 page will go. I’ll use a grid with cells 180mm wide and 275mm tall, because that will fit within a layout, allowing for page margins:

(If you have a lot of pages I’d add a unique text label to each cell, in the form x1y1,x1y2… …xmyn. Helps to see where you are in the layouts.)

  1. Create the first layout:

Make sure the layout relates to the viewport you want to print and will only contain one detail. Name it to match the page it will show.

  1. Select the detail border in the layout and set the scaling to 1 to 1 in the properties panel:

  2. Double click in the middle of the detail area and right button drag the canvas until the first page is centred in the frame. Don’t zoom in or out or you will alter the scaling - if you do then correct it in the Properties panel:

  3. When you are happy with the layout, lock it in the properties panel:

  4. Create the next layout. As an alternative to the menu selection you can click the plus sign at the bottom of the viewports:

  5. Repeat until you have created all the pages.

I would do a test print after creating the first layout and measure the grid size to make sure it is printing to the dimensions you specified. If your printer is out then you may need to adjust the scaling slightly to compensate.

You can find more info on layouts in the Rhino help here:


Sorry for bothering you again but I’m in work now and I don’t have rhinoceros here and I would like to set my printer here and see will it work, is there an way you could provide some basic split a4 file here png or jpg so I could check if it work here? I see my printer here have 1.27cm margin here, anything that I could check will it work with scale possiblity as well as the area of split as well ?

I would just look at your PDF viewer or printer driver for the “poster printing” function.

can you tell me how to go into step2 ? cant find shourtcut

Hi Tobiasz,

I just drew a box 180 x 275, then used rectangular array, _Array, to repeat it an appropriate number of times horizontally and vertically.