Multiple Polysurface Grouping

Hi everyone -
Is there a way to create a single, unified closed polysurface from multiple closed polysurfaces that are not touching?
I have a brand logo that I want to extrude - some letters are made up of negative shapes or holes like the letter “a” or “o”. I would like to create a single, extruded logo polysurface, then use that to subtract boolean from another solid polysurface, simulating a debossing technique.

Is there a way for Rhino to ‘join’ or combine disparate closed polysurfaces into a single polysurface?

Attaching image of logo for reference.


Hi Andreu -

You can do that with meshes but not with polysurfaces.

That image shows curves and I’m not sure how that relates to your question.

Hi Wim -
Thanks for getting back to me. Im showing the curves of the logo…if I convert to surfaces it ends up being a series of ‘unassociated’ surfaces…thus I have to extrude individually as well as boolean individually (the inside shape of the a or o are independent, not linked to the other elements) - My wish is for all the surfaces in the logo to be linked, grouped, associated as ‘one’ - and make extrusion on one step, etc.

I hope this makes sense, thanks.

what I’m asking for doesn’t necessarily need to happen…I’ve adjusted my workflow and have a solution…
thanks anyways.