Multiple point attractors

Hi all, I found this script online and was wondering how I could turn the circles into my own curve profile. the script is good enough for what I need i just need to add my own curve profile. I basically want to replace the circles with my own defined curve. Thanks!

You can try to replace the “circle” component with your curve. Make copies of your curve around the centers, then remap the output from the distance component to scale your curve.
If you share the .gh file, we can probably help you with the example.

Hey thanks for the feedback. Solid feedback Joseph, I will definitely keep all that in mind going forward. Sorry about that Rajaa, I totally forgot to upload the files. Here is the gh script and rhino file of surface with the curve I would like to use. Thanks!

Sample Surface and curve_0731.3dm (79.8 KB) Multi point attractor_my own (11.7 KB)

Hope it helps you out.

Multi point attractor_my own (26.1 KB)

@HS_Kim thank you so much! This is exactly what i was looking for, much appreciated!