Multiple offset: very slow

Offset is very slow when use small float distances without rounding, Python is faster but still slow in this case

test (11.3 KB)

Hi @seghierkhaled,

Why do you need to offset at these tolerances?

GH’s Offset component does more than what your Python script does.

For better performance, use the Curve.Offset overrides that does not accept a plane a parameter.

– Dale

Hi Dale
Gh component which is without tolerance option is very slow, i use Python because of this.
I used tolerance = 0.001 to avoid problems with small models and for precision, i already tried tolerance = 0.1 but with rounding still faster

I don’t use the offset with point direction because it give a wrong result when i used loft

The document tolerance is 0.01
Using the same list of numbers, with rounding is much faster