Multiple Object Placing on Grid (preventing collision)

Hi all
I’m developing my project, in order to placing multiple object in defined area.
As I shown in picture attached, I’m only able to detect if it all collided or not with Many|Many Collide component.

How to prevent it all from collisions? According to this method of placing, which is placing objects on grids using its centriod point.

Or are there any method beside mine, feel free to give me suggestion.

Thanks all (21.7 KB)

rigid-curve-collisions you can check this !

Thanks for replying.
Outcome of my project is trying to arranging buildings in defined space, using evolutionary solver like Galapagos, Octopus.

I will try to do some more research on kangaroo components.

Or are there any way else you think it might works, let me know.

Check if this plugin is helpful for you.

Thanks for answering

I forgot to mention that my work is like packs multiple buildings in same areas, to get multiple ways of building arrangements for some projects.

Opennest might not work for this case but thanks anyway