Multiple knots from BlendSrf


Is it strictly necessary for BlendSrf to create surfaces with multiple knots? When doing real fine-quality stuff where I need to ever so slightly point-tweak the results a bit they are a hassle.

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Jim- BlendSrf is basically a Sweep2 with special cross sections - and this makes the multiple knots. I’m sure you know but, just in case, RemoveMultiKnot helps a lot on these surfaces if you want to point edit them, and MakeUniform as well- you may need to rematch after running these commands but usually, I find, there is still enough density to get a good match.



Hi Jim,

if you are interested in such details, you might want to give our plug-in VSR Shape Modeling a shot (if you shouldn’t have already). Beside the fact that our functions create a very limited number of control points, commands like Surface Blend give you a lot of control over the shape, already during the creation process.