Multiple Issues With Rhino 6

We just installed Rhino 6 after using Rhino 4 for several years. Here are a few things we have noticed that don’t seem to be working properly.

  • When opening a new file, the template that we choose and then check to be remembered isn’t being remembered the next time we go to open a new file.

  • When digitizing with a FARO arm and selecting Curve - Interpolate Points, the first three points will sometimes for a closed circle and stop working.

  • When saving a file as an IGES, we are able to select the proper program, but checking the box to ask it to remember our selection for future exports doesn’t work.


Any chance you’re running multiple instances of Rhino V6 when the first and third problem occurs?

I can’t reproduce either one of them.

We don’t have a FARO arm to test with, but I suspect either an Osnap or GridSnap is interfering. Currently, there is a bug that digitizing is not ignoring Osnap and GridSnap like it used to. This was an unintentional regression. This has been fixed and will be included in a future service release.

Hi John,

As far as I can tell we don’t have multiple instances of Rhino running when the 1st and 3rd issues appear. I will try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if it still happens.

Uninstalling and reinstalling can not help.
All that does is remove the unmodified files that were copied on and put them back again.
This sounds more like a local rights issue blocking settings changes, which the installer does not create or remove.

What happens if your run Rhino “As Administrator”?
Do you have any Group Policies that might interfere with settings being saved locally in your Roaming or Local user profiles?


Hi John,

It seems that the new file template is working as intended, but was just a little confusing to us.

I have attached a video showing the interpolation issue when using a FARO arm. I have everything at the bottom unticked except for SmartTrack. I just wanted to make sure this is the same bug you had mentioned in a previous email.



When you get close to the start point of a curve, Rhino has a bias to latch onto it and “close” the curve.
If you Zoom in a little closer, then your cursor will be more pixels away from the start point and isn’t as likely to close.
I think this was also sorted in the recent fix as I can not reproduce it now using a regular mouse.

BTW - Was there anything special you needed to do to get your FARO arm working with V6?

Great! We will try that. We had no issues at all with FARO and V6. It connected immediately, and has been working great so far.

Thanks for all of your help!