Multiple instances of Materials keep returning

I’ve always had a problem with my materials producing multiple instances but it’s becoming a serious problem. I just removed nearly 1500 instances of a physically based material.
When I started a new render they all came back again. Any solution to this?

Hello- try RenderMergeIdenticalMaterials



Thanks Pascal. Have used that command, have used purge command, have tried remove instancing. The problem seems to be mostly relate to PBR textures. I imported one surface with a PBR and gained over 800 instances of PBR’s. I can delete them but if I delete the one that’s attached to the part I lose the part.

This may or may not be relevant. The PBR I imported is a mesh texture. I applied it to four surfaces. When I edit the texture it changes only on the surface selected. Is it possible the texture is importing a multiple of instances to create the mesh? I do have the same instancing issue with non PBR textures but not hundreds of instances.

Hi @tgra ,

Can you share what you imported causing the duplicates? I’d like to take a look and file any bug if needed. Email please if you can’t post publicly.

Brian, It’s not the texture I suspected (a mesh) but it is something I’m importing into the model. I’m going to try to narrow it down before I share. Whatever it is I now have 5,552 instances of it.

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