Multiple instances of cluster creating Honeybee objects - outside the cluster only the last one remains


I use a cluster to create/modify Honeybee zones, and it is used many times to batch process several zones following the same workflow. The problem is that for all Honeybee objects but the last one, only the geometry remains outside the cluster - the Honeybee information are lost. So if I try to use such a zone later I get this error message:

For the last zone being processed by the cluster, everything works fine.

I found a workaround: I need to dump the Honeybee objects to a file within the cluster, and then load it from outside, but this is not very satisfactory. Do you believe that this issue is linked to Grasshopper or Honeybee? I posted in the Ladybug forum, but since it is not clear what causes the error… Does it come to your mind a better way then dumping/loading using a file?


Here a rhino + GH models that reproduces the issue. One of the two cluster output can be connected to the “Solve Adjacencies” and works, the other will trigger the error.cluster_with_hb.3dm (30.8 KB) (466.3 KB)