Multiple display issue with rhino 5

I am using a cintiq 20ux and another monitor. When I select solid>extrude curve the rhino window jumps across both displays.
It has only started doing this, I imagine it has started with the latest update but I can’t be sure. So far this is the only command that makes this happen.

I am using a quadro 4000 graphics card.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks in advance.

I have one other user that has this problem. He says it’s only the pull-down menu execution that triggers the behavior.Typing the command, or running it from the toolbar does not cause it to maximize across the spanned Desktop.
So far, we can’t duplicate it here so we can’t identify what’s going wrong.

However, loading a specific older driver and changing a couple Quadro settings might help:

Good luck

Thanks John, i will follow your advice.

Many thanks,


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I have also had this issue and I am running a Wacom DTU-2231 along with other monitors. I am not using the Wacom with Rhino, but perhaps the Wacom is the cause of the issue? Not sure how, but it is a coincidence?

Typing the command does solve the issue.