Multiple Curves Component (MCX) Error Non Negative Number Required

Hi I don’t understand this error, please help.

Post your file with the relevant parts included.

As the error-message says; Some value is expected to be positive but appears to be negative. Simply examine the data backwards from there.

// Rolf

should be fine as long as you’re happy with the claculation times :slight_smile:
(in my case, I mean… literally inside my case: for 5k points 1.8 minutes, can’t imagine how long it takes for 20K)

just one thing: maybe the remove duplicate lines tolerance is too high for such a dense amount of lines, and they fall within the pre-set tolerance? (so get removed)
how many lines are input/output on the remove duplicate lines?

Thanks, how do you get the component to display calculation time?

Hi -

From the Grasshopper menu, pick Display > Canvas Widgets > Profiler.