Multiple curve instances with one GH definition


this is what I would like to archive:

I have a couple of curve 2D curve sets in Rhino. With the help of this GH definition:

→ thank you @martinsiegrist !
I am now able to turn these into parametric controlled objects which will be used as a proxy for boxwood.
Now I know that I can run the definition for each set of curves and then bake them, however I wonder if it might be possible during the design stage to have them actively connected to separate instances of the initial GH definition, meaning that I could quickly change GH parameters for each curve set individually without having to delete the “stupid” baked geometry and redo the form again in GH, which is also problematic because GH would just remember the parametric values of the last created object…

I hope I was able to describe this in an understandable fashion :innocent:

thank you for any feedback


Since you might want to bake these objects with attributes later on, I’d suggest using a plugin called Elefront. It allows you to reference objects based on all sorts of attributes.

Personally I’d scale and rotate the curves in Rhino instead of GH. It is more intuitive.

Boxwood-generator-test-01.3dm (197.6 KB)
Boxwood pattern (12.6 KB)

In case you have trouble understanding what trees, branches and paths are… Please take a look at the Modelab Grasshopper Primer: Foundations | The Grasshopper Primer Third Edition (

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Hi Martin,
thanks for looking into this one as well, it is really appreciated!
I looked at you GH definition and like I already suspected this is over my current GH knowledge, I will however look at the learning material link you provided, thanks.
I have been playing a bit with your definition and added a 4th element to it, just for my understanding:
This definition would enable me to use multiple group of objects separated by layers with one shared GH definition, correct?

While this is already super useful, I was thinking of having the possibility to define individual parameters for each group separately e.g. group 01 would have a radius of 1.3 / 2 , group 02 would have 0.8 / 0.2 etc…
That would almost be like BIM objects from the same familie who share their DNA but have each individual values for their features.
Is this even possible?




Personally I’d scale and rotate the curves in Rhino instead of GH. It is more intuitive.<

yes you are right …