Multiple copies of materials

Can anyone explain why there are over 200(!) copies of the material DS-A0322 in this model? It’s on 1 object, the background surface. The model was so big I had to zip it.
DESK (3.0 MB)


Hi Dennis - Purge cleans it up… I do not know why they are there though.


Good to know. This has been happening frequently but it’s usually one or 2 extra copies.

Thanks Pascal.

Well, if you export and import a lot of ‘pieces’ you can see this happen.
For example if you have large model with 40-50 materials and you select just one of more objects to export, ALL the materials get attached to that exported model, even ones that are not used by those objects, which I find odd.
So when you go to import it into another model, ALL those materials come with it, and if you do any batch operations where you might import many at a time, well…
We run into this a lot like this.

Thanks for that. Seems like a huge bug that needs to be addressed. Talk about ballooning file sizes!

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