Multiple components in one GHA file

HI all,

I am creating a toolset with a bunch of GH components and although they’re part of the same solution, when it comes to compiling everything I’m left with as many GHA files as there are individual custom components.

We all have installed GH plugins from only one GHA file that has many different components inside, so how to do this that’s my question.

All the best.

They should all be part of the same VS project (In my case each component is its own class utilizing the GH component template)

Yes, as Michael is mentioning, you need to add an additional class that derives from GH_Component to the project.

One way is to just:

  • right-click the project (in Solution explorer, see example in my screen capture)
  • choose “Add” ->
  • “New Item…” ->
  • Rhinoceros ->
  • Empty GH component -> (give a name and OK)

Ok, not only same solution, but also same project. Thanks guys.

All the best