Multiple commands in Python plugin?

After reading this, it’s still not too obvious to me how to add multiple commands to one and the same .rhi installer.
I put 2 Python commands into here

and would like to make a .rhi out of it.
For that I need to edit, and set the title there, right? When I set it to some name, like “DisplayOrderTools”, zip it, rename it to .rhi, try to install it, it gives me an error message in the splash screen.

Here are these 2 little scripts: (475 Bytes) (428 Bytes)

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I would recommend staying away from building plug-ins this way and use the RhinoScriptCompiler that ships with Rhino 7 instead. The python command approach should probably be deprecated in favor of the script compiler approach.

I’m actually surprised you were able to get to that wiki page. We used to have our wiki auto-forward everything to and it looks like that may have recently broke. @dan didn’t we have all of our developer wiki urls forward to the developer docs site?

This is the new version of that page (which I still think we should update with recommendations to use the script compiler instead).

Thank you, Steve!
I ran this Script Compiler (Which is in Menu Tools. Wasn’t too obvious to find btw.), but for something as trivial as these scripts it looks a bit like overkill. I was just looking for a simple way to ‘install’ these script commands with drag & drop (did my fair amount of scripting, but never an actual command).

Rhino Options > RhinoScript > Startup does not work for Python scripts, right?
Putting the scripts onto a toolbar button won’t allow for aliases, then.
Or is the script compiler the best way though?
Thanks again!

The script compiler is a less trivial than the python command system that you were initially trying to work with.

If you just want scripts on buttons for personal use, you can either place the entire python script on the button or reference the file as shown on this page

Somehow our redirects system from the old wiki content to the website got obliterated. I was - well, I am - confused as to how. I’ve reinstated the redirects. Now the initial link above ought to go to the updated content.

Is there a rhi equivalent for mac installations of python commands?