Multiple commands in one or two clicks?

I am trying to find a way to execute multiple commands in one or two clicks/ hits. The objective is to extract/copy a surface from a polysurface, unroll it and delete the extracted surface again. I have tried to incorporate it in an alias, like !_ExtractSrf _UnrollSrf , but only the first command gets executed.
I have looked at creating a new button, but it looks like only single commands can be assigned (I did not try it).
Macro or command list seems like a possibility, but as far as I know that works with external files, which is what I do not like if it is not necessary.
Can anybody offer any help here?


In Preferences>Commands, make a new copy of the default command set, I named mine custom. Then make a new pop up button and drag ExtractSrf from the lower left to the section on the right to start the macro. You can see the text I used to string these commands together in the screenshot. The only thing I couldn’t assure is that copy is used every time but if you use it once and enable copy the setting should persist.

Thanks Brian. However, I’ve got myself into trouble now. I was already working on a copy set of commands, in order to create a custom pop-up palette. I tried to implement the string of commands as you suggested, but I think I missed the spaces in between the commands and the whole thing was not recognized anymore. In an effort to correct this, I seem to have lost the command button in the stack. I can still see it as part of the customized pop-up palette, but I cannot edit it. Help!


If you select the added button in your custom popup list, do you see the description of it’s macro in the upper right? If you do, clicking in the area with the text there should open up the editor in the lower right. Any luck? Post a screenshot of what you see if you’re still stuck… I might be misunderstanding.

I tried that, did not work. Anyway, I seem to have completely f…d it up now, all the buttons in the custom popup are blank squares. I have deleted the copy command set and I am starting afresh. No worries, thanks Brian.


Edit: the command string works as expected now, except when you select more than one surface.