Multiple breps rotation

Hello guys!

I want to rotate all these items with axis one of the two bottom edges of each brep. After a lot of tries I made it work but under my reference surface, there are some geometries which I don’t know why they have been created. Could you please help me with this?

Brep (40.7 KB)

Thanks in advance!

You seem to be working completely ignoring data matching.

Brep (64.0 KB)

Thank you very much HS_Kim. It is because I lack knowledge and this field seems little difficult to get used to.
That means that my process is completely wrong or you just used a shorter way with fewer components?

It would be useful for me if you could tell me which part of my script was responsible for my failure. I had a look at yours and I thought that maybe I used with the wrong way the cull pattern components. Am I right?
I mean the problem is that i had to separate my breps according to which of them i want be rotated and which not before use rotation component?

Ok, attached you find your Definition with a few fast comments on the first steps. I used param Viewer, so you can hopefully see whats going on and why the trees doesn’t match.

May have a look at this:

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Hello Tim!

Thank you very much! You are awsome ! this pdf is very useful for me!