Multiple Brep Split and Subtraction

Hey guys,

I’m creating a component that consists of a series of overlapping tubes set at an angle around a circle base. I am trying to subtract out each tube’s overlapping sections, then join remaining geometry into a single brep. I have tried using combination of SDiff and DeBrep applied individually to each tube, but not getting much success. Another idea I had was to use BBX to generate a series of curves where each tube intersects, then trim each with the these curves. Have not had much success with this method either. Any thoughts?

component_23.3dm (3.8 MB) (20.9 KB)

Is the end result you are after a boolean union like this?
They just need to be capped first so they are closed solids. (7.0 KB)

Very close. I need each end of the tubes open. Can the solid be deconstructed after boolean union to remove each capped end?

Yes, you can use Explode Brep at the end. You could then remove only the faces where IsPlanar=true to get rid of the caps.

Thank you. I’ll try this method.