Multiple attractors of different strengths

Hi, I’ve managed to create two attractors of different controllable strength, and I’m a bit stumped trying to figure out how to add more.
I need to have control over them individually and everything I found online is around multiple attractors that behave the same. Any ideas how this can be done?

Kinetic Facade 2 (22.1 KB)

Two of your points are not internalized so can’t see what you model is doing.

Is this like a weighted average center of mass thing?

P.S. I set two points on the same plane as the surface and don’t see anything about “different strengths”, they look like any other situation using multiple attractors. A Graph Mapper is often used to affect the distance values.

My bad, I have reattached the definition with the internalised points. My terminology is not on point, but here is a screenshot of what I meant by different strengths.
Ideally, I’d like to have control of the individual radius/effect each point has.

Kinetic Facade 2 (22.1 KB)

Here’s one way of using Pufferfish plugin.

Kinetic Facade 2 (16.2 KB)

TWICE!? Seriously? Same as before. Wasting time.

Wouldn’t it have been quicker and easier to simply reference two points of your own instead of posting that reply?

I did that yesterday. When so little care goes into preparing a question, why should I bother?

Where is your answer?

I internalised the data for both points, it still appears that way in my definition. I’m clearly a beginner and have no idea why that’s not showing up for you, but sometimes a honest mistake is just a honest mistake.

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That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, thank you so much!

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Once, yes. Twice, not so much. “One burned, twice shy.”

I think it was just a genuine mistake and didn’t warrant a reply like that. You clearly do bother because you contribute such a lot to this forum, but I don’t think it encourages people if they get such criticism for making mistakes.

This feels a bit over the top to me, but I didn’t mean to waste anyone’s time so I’m sorry if my mistake/negligence has offended you.

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Does the GH file you posted work for you without a Rhino file where your points are defined?

It’s important to understand what “internalized” means. You could post the Rhino file that has the points but when it’s only a few points and/or curves, internalizing them in the GH file is easier for everyone.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

As to this thread topic, there are so many examples of attractors on this forum that some of them certainly include examples of “different strengths”. It’s as simple as multiplying distance by a separate factor for each attractor.