Multipipe visual error?

Hi RMA team

I wonder if there is a problem with my office computer
I also checked at home and the same thing happened.
multipipe.3dm (44.8 KB)

File also attached

( I think that multipipe is a wonderful tool to apply :slightly_smiling_face:)
Thank’s for watching.

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Hello - opened here, both look correct. I’ll try to reproduce the problem from scratch.
I can… thanks for the report.
(Saving and re-opening the file sorts it out.)
If you align the control points or edit points, this does not happen; only, so far, if the vertices are selected as sub-objects.

RH-64820 Align breaks subd display


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Hi Pascal

It appears to be a display problem, so do i.
Multipipe after editing, the first screen problem disappears.

Best Regards,