MultiPipe Upload on ShapeDiver R7 Server Encounters Issues


The MultiPipe Component gets rejected during the upload process on the Rhino 7 Server.

“The server encountered an issue with your model: Computation of your model failed.”
(Ref: fb23e10e-baa5-440f-b507-722b344339fd)

I’m currently on a Designer plan trial and my account has been linked to the Rhino 7 server. My ShapeDiver user name is Aris.s.

The grasshopper definition can be seen in the attached screenshot.

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I can reproduce a problem specific with the Multipipe component. I have filed a bug and will let you know when we make progress.

@Aris.S My apologies for the delay in fixing this issue. It was caused by an incompatibility between Rhino 7 service releases. We have now updated the Rhino 7 system to the latest service release and the issue should be fixed.

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Dear Mathieu,

Thank you for this! The issue has been fixed.

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