MultiPipe: real circle, AroundFaces?

I thought It would be nice to have an Aroundfaces parameter (like in mesh\subd cylinder), so it would also allow to have a perfect circle (in cross section) if Aroundfaces is 8 or more.

you can force a multipipe to be circular by following these steps:

make an oversized pipe from your desired diameter (for example make a 2mm pipe for a 1.5mm goal)
make a guide nurbs pipe of your target diameter
subdivide your oversized pipe
select its vertices and project them to the nurbs pipe of your target diameter:

file here:
multipipe_circular_01_gf_201101.3dm (2.0 MB)

@DanielPiker, this is easy to do when you have no multi-elements, but do you think you can make your code to do the same before you solve the intersections/blends stuff?


I’m pretty sure that an 8-face around version of multipipe is in the works, based on this: Joint idea & Ngon question

I also recall another thread (can’t find it) where he said he intended to make 8 an option for around faces, but nothing between 4 and 8, because it’s very difficult to get, for example, a 7-around face pipe to automatically handle a multi-intersection situation.

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