Multipipe not forming clean geometries

Hi, I am a newbie on Rhino/GH and have been trying my hand at creating vault like skeletons similar to the screenshot below.

My main issue is multipipe is forming some erratic shapes, not following the lines, not joining nodes or creating kinks out of seemingly simple enough connections.
I have seen other questions which suggested acute angles causing such issues which I don’t have, I have used the topologizer component which didn’t really solve the issue.

Wondering if anyone here has ever come across a similar issue and knows a way to solve this please. Thank you very much!

Vaults.3dm (735.4 KB) (27.7 KB)

It looks like the issue was caused by the large scale of the input relative to the internal tolerances.
Here’s a fix (20.3 KB)

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Hi Daniel, Thank you so much for your help, would have never got there on my own!

Absolute Legend

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