Multipipe issues


My project is on multipipe and I am really struggling to get this to work, the curves all meet at a point but the command simply just doesn’t work, can do it on rhino but I don’t get the required result due to the lack of control,

Thanks Forum multipipe.3dm (448.8 KB) (14.3 KB)

The problem here is that you have some segments which are exactly collinear, but not duplicates.
The MultiPipe component will detect and remove duplicated lines, but currently not ones which are overlapping but of different length.

Here’s one way to clean it up. (12.2 KB)
(you’ll also need this Topologizer.gha (19 KB) )

I’ll try and put this non-equal overlap removal function into the MultiPipe component itself though.


Thank you Daniel always very helpful!

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Hi Again Daniel, this script seemed to work well with the example I sent before but it does not seem to like this one as much forum multipipe clean (235.1 KB)

The numbers for the settings in that file don’t really make sense for that geometry. The offsets and node sizes are hundreds of times bigger than the lengths of the pipes.
Here adjusting to some more appropriate values:
forum multipipe clean (236.4 KB)
Here are some notes that hopefully make the meanings of the inputs clearer:
MultiPipeNotes.pdf (477.3 KB)

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Hi Daniel,
Can you provide me with a Kangaroo 2.5 version or later . It is not on Food4Rhino. also Does this multiPipe script work on Rhino 6 ? or I do need to upgrade ?

Hi @tigberlin89 - this is not a plug-in, but a built in feature of Rhino 7, so yes, you’d need to upgrade

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Hi again,
I am referring to this error particularly:
As I have tried to run the .gh file from you. This also appears in Rhino7

Ah, you probably just need to download the latest Rhino 7 service release then. Which one are you running?

Version 7
(7.1.20299.23101, 10/25/2020)

Yes, there have been several service releases since that one. Update and you’ll be able to open definitions made with the new version. You can choose Help>Check for Updates from the Rhino menu.

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This post is very helpful. Thank you for the pdf especially!