MultiPause command for Mac?

Can MultiPause get into Rhino for Mac?

MultiPause is a Rhino V6 command. It is not part of Rhino V5.

do you think it will make to mac eventually? ty

Oh, yeah. Mac V6 and Windows V6 are being built from the same code base. That’s not the case with Mac V5. Mac V6 is not very stable right now, and we won’t be shipping a Mac V6 WIP real soon, but we do constantly work on it behind the scenes.


awesome! good to here that the two will get closer to each other. i didn’t think that would happen.

what are we looking at for a Mac V6 WIP? within the year?

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How about - after Windows V6 ships.

But wait, he says, when is that?

We don’t know yet.


i couldn’t resist asking :wink: