Multichine hullform

Good day,
In order to make a quick multichine hullform, I want to use a plate where the surface points of 3 rows are put together to give a knuckle. So in the attached model every knuckle has 3 rows, while the sheer and keelline only have 1 row. Between the lower chine and keel there is an extra row to get a reasonable alignement of the bottomplate with the stem. (this is a 10 minutes model, so it is by far not fair)
I tried to group the surfacepoints that are in the same position so it is easier to move them as one point, but this doesn’t work.
I also tried to do this using Grasshopper. But when doing this, the surface point remains in the same position, and only a copy is made.
Anyone got an idea?
multichine model.3dm (942.6 KB)

Instead of grouping control points, you can insert a kink using the InsertKink command.
To work with kinked surfaces, you should disable splitting at kinks using the CreaseSplitting command.

Hallo Menno,
I inserted kinks, and that works.
But when I ad an extra row to manipulate the bottom panel, I also get a kink there, and I can’t make a rounding in the stem. And why and how do I use CreaseSplitting?

Hello - before inserting the kinks, add a couple of knots (InsertKnot) in the vertical direction, then leave the points near the ends alone when you actually pull the surface to be kinked. Note CreaseSplitting is a global setting so you’ll want to toggle it on again when you’re done.


Excuse for the late response, but this works well enough for me. Thanks for your help