Multi-touch pan/rotate stops working mid-session

I’ve been noticing lately that in the middle of a session, multi-touch panning and rotating stops working. They still work if I click on the trackpad and use the same gestures, but they no longer function in just “touch” mode.

This seems to happen after the machine has gone to sleep, possibly PowerNap?

2017 MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar
macOS Sierra 10.12.6
Rhino 5.3.2

Do you get the same behavior in the latest RhinoWIP?

I’ll download it and check. I’ve been sticking with the stable releases lately.

I’ve loaded up the latest WIP, and put my machine to sleep, and so far the pan/rotate is still working. I’ll let the machine sleep overnight (maybe it’s related to PowerNap?) and see if it works tomorrow.

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I hadn’t had any problems for the last few weeks. I downloaded and installed the latest WIP (5E334w) over the weekend, and when I woke up my Mac this morning, my multi-finger gestures weren’t working again.

Thanks for checking on that. As you likely suspect, without some steps to reproduce this, I’m not sure what we can do about it.

Do you get different behavior when you disable Power Nap? (I don’t have any reason to malign that feature, I’m just wondering if you have evidence to suspect it.)