Multi Stage analysis

Hello Kiwi!3d team,

First of all thank you for the amazing tool that you created.

I was doing some experimentation with it involving a multi stage analysis and I found something that apparently Kiwi!3d doesn’t support but would be nice to do it.

The idea is that I feed the Assemble model Component with Data trees, attempting to set multiple analyses in the same time. I would like to have the output as a Data Tree as well (a branch for each analysis). It doesn’t work as expected. Please check the picture that shows the output of the assemble component vs the desired outcome.

Analysis 0, 1 … 4, each should have an increasing amount of elements and loads (corresponding to the stage the structure is in). However, it appears that Kiwi!3d Assemble component doesn’t know how to handle Data Trees. It assembles the models with all the elements fed to it in the Data Tree (all branches in one).

Also, the Run Analysis component can run multiple analyses (5 in this case) while it outputs the same number of analyses and associated files but in its DataTree output it gives on each branch the same analysis (the last computed one). See the same picture.

I’m attaching the Gh file in case I’m not clear enough. I have in it the example that doesn’t work but also a solution to solve my problem using Anemone loops (which is not very practical).

Do you plan to make Kiwi!3d capable of running these type of analyses involving multiple models all at once?

kiwi3d-multiple (33.5 KB)

yes, we already thought about including trees for analysis. However, this means that we have to adapt the data structure of the model as all postprocessing components are communicating with each other. But I’ll definitely put it on the TODO/wish list as it would be possible and an advantage.

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