"Multi shot" added to "persistent" + "single shot"

Mac OS, Rhino 7
It’s just a minor inconvenience in my work (mech eng), but for continuity of work flow it would be really nice to not have to re-select “one shot” for every instance (i.e end, near, point, midpoint, center, etc.) if, for example, I just need to selct the centers of 11 circles at a time but ignore everythng else. Maybe add “multi shot” to “persistent” and “single shot” so a single slection doesn’t become de-selected after the first piece of geometry is slected? Long time user, but maybe I’m missing something.

Hello- on Mac this is indeed more painful. On Windows you have ctrl-down and shift-down access to the one-shots from the regular osnaps but this is not possible on Mac, at least it has not been… I’ll see if that is on the pile for V8.

You can open the Osnap tool palette - all of these are one-shots on the left click.