Multi Nested Blocks- Very Slow


I am using multi-layered blocks in our bike project which is potentially very good given the number of components we are using.

The problem we have encountered is loading the files, and updating the blocks in the manager. It’s literally taking 5 minutes to load and update.

What are we doing wrong??? :slight_smile:


Hi @craig1
I can only speak from my personal experience here and I’ll be honest this sounds fairly normal.
However it depends on how big a file you are talking about here.
A 1GB file for myself can take 30-60 seconds to open and my 2GB files can take almost 10 minutes (I work with models with up to 1000+ parts on fairly frequently)

You may be able to decrease your times (and maybe file sizes) by making sure that any surfaces that should or can be, are joined; e.g. exploded cube of 6 separate surfaces vs closed cube 1 poly-surface.
I’ve worked with so models given to myself in blocks and when I explode the block I have hundreds of un-joined surfaces that should be 1 poly-surface.