Multi-Chart Change Size

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if there is a way to control the size of a multi-chart? I am trying to have a few in my window, but they are so big, that they won’t fit without scrolling. Is there a way to control the yaxis of the graph or change the extents of the graph in anyway?


Unfortunately, currently the only way to change the chart sizes is to scale the entire window (Set Window Properties, Scale Factor input). The charts were an early feature by a contributing developer and they were never fully realized as production versions, so they are limited in feature set. I have some intention of updating the charts some time in the reasonably near future, I’ll try to let you know here if they end up getting merged into the OS repo.


I think you could also limit an individual chart’s size in a ViewBox, but I have not tried this.

actually it looks like good old fashioned adjust element positioning does the trick here:

Oh Awesome, hiding in plain sight. That’s exactly what I needed. Thanks!

My bad – I I swear I tried AEP on donut charts recently and it didn’t work – but now that I’ve gone back to it, it does indeed work. Thanks for correcting me on that Andrew!


Just figured out why I was under the impression that AEP didn’t work on charts – the only charts I was using in a particular project was Radial Gauge Charts, and it turns out they are the only ones that don’t work with AEP.

It does appear to be an issue with the underlying library. In the debugger, the gauges don’t have a width or height reported (NaN), which probably explains why the HUI element is failing to have any effect when setting those properties. Might look into this soon…

Yea, I just came across this exact thing yesterday. Using the AEP component on a gauge chart just seems to remove some of the gauges, it doesn’t make them any smaller.