MSpray blends ignore transparency

MSpray keeps the transparency of its input colors when Nearest or Furthest is picked, but discards it for all three blend modes. I’d like if it kept it.
Included in the attached script is a workaround for the behavior I think I want. Just I wish it was in the component for speed and consistency.

MSpray (20.5 KB)

Sounds like a bug. logged under RH-49404.

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Fixed this, but the display still won’t show transparent mesh vertex colours (as before).

@stevebaer is this possible? How do I draw a mesh with false colours, some of which may have some transparency?

Thanks for working on this!

I too notice that a color-by-vertex mesh with transparency does not display the same as a mesh with identical colors applied as a texture map.

(I just wrote a thing that converts color-by-vertex into one-pixel-per-vertex texture maps, which makes it easy to compare. Here’s an example.
mesh transparency examples.3dm
mesh transparency (247.9 KB)

And I’m sorry to add to this bug, but I just noticed MBlur also strips all transparency. Could it not?

Thanks again.


I highly doubt this will draw correctly based on how everything works right now. Feel free to make a YT issue if this is something we want in the future

All right, RH-49604 it is.

FWIW I don’t give a hoot about this display issue, if it is one; I just want the right colors on those vertices.
Thanks very much for attending to that.