Moving sub d vertex without affecting the other vertices

It’s possible to move one single sub-d vertex without affecting the position of the other vertices?
Thanks , Roy

Hi @lopez
If you sub-object select (Ctrl+Shift select) a single vertex and move it, the other vertices should stay in place. It will affect the surrounding surface, yes, but the vertices should stay in place. If you are not seeing that, there’s a good chance you have SoftTransform turned on. Run the command with nothing selected to enable/disable it.
HTH, Jakob

Hi Jakob!
Yep, I had the SoftTransform turned on.
Thanks a lot,

Hi I am looking to do the same. However, even with Softtransform off (the “Enable” check box is unchecked), the surrounding vertices still move. I am using Rhino on Mac and I am command + shift + clicking the vertex.

A solution I found is that I can lock the vertices that I want to remain still however I can’t seem to unlock them after. Undo does not unlock it either. I have to copy the entire object and paste it again to be able to click on the previously locked vertices. Any thoughts?

Hi Danny -

I see that… I will investigate, thanks.
@danny1 - initially I saw what I think you are describing - locked edit points (EditPtOn) were not unlocking - In a new session of Rhino it all worked as expected… can you verify that this is a consistent or intermittent problem, if I am asking about the same thing you see?


Hi Pascal,

I just checked. It works fine now with no issues. Thank you!