Moving sphere on the curve

Hello Everyone:

I have a question. I will be so thankful if you guide me. I am working on the algorithm that you can see in the video and the image. The polyline has 6 points and the sphere moves along it. How can I continue the algorithm so that, the circle surface under the sphere appears when the sphere reaches point 3, otherwise, it remains invisible?

If it where me I would use an if then statement.

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Thank you for your reply. That is great.

I want the slider to move automatically. In your algorithm How we can add this feature?
Actually this is the start of what I want to write. I want to do this process for 22 polylines (as path) and 22 spheres (as people walk on an architectural plan). Therefore, I want to click on toggle and simultaneously all of them automatically move.

moving (12.3 KB)

This should do the trick.
moving sphere (15.7 KB)


Thank you for your help Ryan. Iā€™m so happy now.
Wish you all the best. :pray: :tulip: