Moving Rhino 7 Scripts to Rhino 8 Scripts file Location without breaking?

Many of my scripts (and Macros, for that matter) reference scripts I made in rhino 7 in

Is there a way to automate moving/changing/compiling those scripts so they can be placed in “C:\Users.…Rhinoceros\8.0\scripts” without breaking them?

Obviously, I’m hoping we don’t have to go into each and every script and/or macro and change “7.0” to “8.0”

Should I be keeping these in some other agnostic folder altogether?



Unfortunately, this is currently broken in Rhino 8. Here’s my post about it from a few weeks ago, where one of the devs pointed out that it will probably be fixed in 8.4.
I also propose a temporary workaround towards the end of the thread, which is kinda hit or miss though.

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Thanks, @diff-arch - I’ll mark this as Solution and go check out your post.

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@Alan_Farkas Not sure that’s the solution because he is on Mac and you are on PC. The way scripts were set up to run with a dedicated folder on Mac was complicated (IMO), on the Windows side it was always much easier. Maybe Mac V8 is better in this aspect, haven’t had time to look yet.

So, as a Windows Rhino users you may not have to do anything - it depends on how you set up your scripts to run in the first place.

  1. If you made toolbars or aliases that have the full path to the V7 scripts folder:

! -_RunPythonScript "C:\Users\alanf\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\scripts\"

Those will work fine directly in V8 - you don’t have to change anything. There is no problem referencing that folder from Rhino V8 - it’s a normal Windows folder just like any other one. You just have to remember that your scripts continue to reside in the V7 folder and not in the V8 folder.

This is one argument for having an “agnostic” folder somewhere that is not necessarily in one of the Rhino directories - I keep mine in a Dropbox folder for example, that way I have access from all of my computers. And which Rhino version I am running doesn’t matter, they work from any version (assuming the script will run in all of those versions).

  1. If you set a path to your V7 scripts folder in the V7 Python script editor and made toolbars or aliases that have only the Python filename:

! -_RunPythonScript ""

You can go into the old-style Python script editor which still exists in V8 (EditPythonScript) and set the same path to the V7 folder. That should also work fine. Again, you just have to remember that your scripts are in the V7 folder location.

  1. If you actually want to change the location of your scripts to a different folder:

If your paths to scripts are as in #1 above, you will need to edit all of the paths to reflect the new folder location. If they are aliases, you can export all the aliases to a text file, do a batch replace and then re-import. If they are under toolbar buttons, you will unfortunately need to edit each one individually.

If your paths are as in #2, then all you have to do is edit the path in EditPythonScript to the new folder and you’re done.


Thanks so much @Helvetosaur - Was actually hoping you might chime in with the info :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe that tells me everything I need to know. Thx again.