Moving raster images with curves etc..a discovery


Each layer and each image has its onw layer in the scenario below.

If one groups a raster image (inserted with PictureFrame…given its own layer) to a curve, then turns off (visibility) the layer with the image on, and moves the curve, turning on the raster layer sees the image has moved so it still registers with the curve.

so far so good.

Create another layer for another image and group that to another curve drawn over the image, then turn raster layer visibility off.

now group the two groups, drag and open the raster layers, rasters have stayed behind !

One needs to have the raster layers on, then group the groups, then you can turn off the raster layers, then they will all move together as one will see when the rasters are turned back on again.


IMO, you’re playing dangerous games moving things that are grouped with some of the group members hidden or on off layers… Even worse with nested groups…