Moving objects with history gives wrong result

In the attached, I’ve matched surface A to surface B (just via matchsrf). But if I select both surfaces and move them, surface A stays in place except the edge that’s been matched. This is not the result I’d expect.

history is weird.3dm (72.8 KB)

I can repeat this. The question now is, what do you expect?

My preference would be that it would preseve history after the move. But it would also be acceptable to just break history if not practical to preserve it.

Yeah… you can move each and have it work, sort of, but not both at the same time- I guess the desired result is the two would have the same exact geometry and relationship to each other and History as the input, but be located someplace else, correct?


That’s right.

Hi Peter, I logged RH-72666 MatchSrf, two objects moved at the same time gives unexpected result

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