Moving objects to mach


I want to move objects (group or not) to match with other surfaces.

Example: Floor surface and a chair. How to Move the chair to match leg bottom surface to floor surface.


There are quite a few ways to do it. But one method that I use is to turn on your Gumball. Then after selecting your objects click the white ball which will allow you to relocate your gumball. Also when you click the white ball make sure snappy dragging is on otherwise it won’t snap to things.

Then you can locate it to the bottom of your object. Grab the direction arrow you want to move it and with your Osnaps on you can then snap to another point in your model space.

“align” may help

Nice! Align worked, if you are in the right vieport. I was trying it before from perspective view and then it didnt work.

It does when You use the right cplane.

But yeah it’s much easier to control from the projected viewports.


invoke the move command, grab the chair by a leg lower corner and type in the coordinates of the location where you want that corner point to be and it will move there.