Moving Objects to Layer with Button, Selecting Layer Objects with Button


I want to add a property to a button. When I left click on the button, I want it to move the selected objects to the layer named “SAMPLE”. When I right-click the button, I want it to select the objects in the layer named “SAMPLE”.

The reason why I want to do this is because we produce with RAL codes and there are objects of various colors on the scene, I want to move the objects I choose to the relevant RAL code layer and I want to provide convenience with the predefined materials while rendering. How can I do that?


For example, with the “_ChangeToCurrentLayer” command, I can move to the “DEFAULT” layer that is “CurrentLayer” with a simple left click, but I cannot select all the objects in the “DEFAULT” layer with a right click.

Also, as a different subject, can I create a layer with a certain color, a certain material, a certain name and a certain material name when I left-click the button as a different alternative? Example When I click the “RED” button, can I create a layer named “RED”, with material, color and material named?

I would be glad if you can help with this.

Thank you very much in advance.

Tufan Sezgin

– Dale

Thank you very much Mr. Dale Fugier…