Moving my Rhino Files and Libraries in a new server!


I am working in a company that has just moved and we need to transfer all of our data in the new servers. I have all of my Files under one shared location at the moment, and all my linked items are in a library which exists in the same location.
What would be the best way to move all of this projects, without breaking the links between the files and the library in a new server with a different name and another shared location? Is it even possible?


Any information on this topic will be very helpful, i cant really find anything online about this and i have to move the files by monday.

i dont have any knowledge about that but you may try to copy some files to your hard drive and see if they still works.

I guess you are currently just mapping a server path to a drive letter that you use to access the files. If you just modify the mapping of the drive letter to the new server path, things should still be ‘in the same place’.

Thanks for the replies! Wim, you seem to have understood my problem perfectly, the actual problem is, that in the new server the files need to be placed under a new (different) letter, is there anything i can do about that, or is you current reply the only possibility i can follow in order to have my data moved safely?

You can map your own drives - and unless a start-up script that the company runs on your login overwrites that (and possibly even then your own mapping might prevail?) you can just use the letter that you previously had.

In Explorer, right click on “Computer” > “Map network drive …” > assign drive and folder.

Thanks alot wim! I will discuss it with the IT guy and my project manager today, and see what can be done.