Moving Materials from v5 to v6 beta


Is there a way to transfer R5Mac materials, as .rmtl files, to v6 beta format, because they are actually not recognized when i try to import them.
I also want to know because doing manually every materials take lot of time, if v6beta materials will be compatible with final v6 release?
Last things are link for files of textures, because when moving materials ton an other computer, links are broken, but still visible, I have to choose again every files (textures had been move in the same relative path than original computer)… could it be an update button, to check, relative path and load tex files again?

Thank you very much

Hi Antoine, I have the same question. Rhino 6 says it is unable to load the content of all my rhino 5 rmtl files. Does anyone have another solution than new making all my textures?