Moving Issues

This should be such a simple fix but yet something always happens, why is it so complicated to do everything? I am trying to move this lid down and join them together. First I can’t even snap correctly, I try in the front view and it snappes to, I don’t know where.

I was trying to understand the Cplane and maybe I did smth there, because I have know idea why it s acting up.

Can someone please explain what’s going on?

MovingIssues.3dm (14.2 MB)

Works for me. I snapped to one of the quads on the edge of the lid as the point to move from, and snapped to the corresponding quad on the rim below as the point to move to. No need to involve the CPlane.

It s just that it doesnt seem to snap correctly since i get that naked edge

Exactly how are you trying to move it. “Naked edges” don’t have anything to do with moving.

Or are you talking about joining the lid to the closed polysurface after moving the lid? Rhino does not permit joining a surface to a closed polysurface. To join the lid you need to first delete the portion of the closed polysurface under the lid. Trim is a simple way to do this using the lid as the cutting object.

Hi Mathias,
I think you turned on many object snaps same time, right click on Quad snap and try moving in Perspective viewport. Also you can try Align (in front view) instead. Enter Align command and select Bottom option.

Mohammad Nikookar