Moving from Adobe Flash to HTML5 video (or something else) in Rhino help files

Apologies but I am still on Rhino 4 and have a question about the Adobe Flash used in the help files.

Adobe Flash is one of the worst applications from a security point of view and personally I would like to not have to have it on my PC. As of this writing I installed it only because it looks like it is used by the Rhino 4 help files.

Nowadays it is possible to use e.g. HTML5 Video in a lot of places instead of Adobe Flash.

The question I wanted to ask is, does Rhino 5 use Adobe Flash in the help files? If it does, are there any plans yet to discontinue using it in later versions?




ok so McNeel might as well move forward with the plans of removing Flash. Adobe earlier today announced their plans to “…end-of-life Flash. Specifically, we will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020”

Just considering that there may be a few years between each Rhino version…

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