Moving direction and appearance setting of Gumball


I have some questions about Gumball program referencing to this sample program.

When the cylinder is set on X-Yplane to vertical direction, and pick and move arrows of the gumball for changing the size of cylinder, in perspective viewport, the movement is unstable.
So I would like to know what part of the program need to be arranged or added other codes for smooth and stable gumball control.

I tried inactivating these two lines, but could not find big deference of the movement.

 //pick_context.PickLine = pick_line;

My next question is,
Could gumball appearance be changed only “Head” size?
Can ArrowHeadLength and ArrowHeadWidth only be adjusted?

I also need to ask if there is any way to set custom gumball instead of the arrows.

Any advise will be welcomed and appreciated.

Thank you



The problem of Gumball movement is solved.
It was because of Osnap. I set “ModelAidSettings.Osnap = false” before gumball use and reset it as true on the last line of the command.

Thank you


Thank you.