Moving control points vertically

I am currently editing a curve in order to extrude it later. I need it to look like this: , but all I obtain is this:

The transformed curve lacks continuity.
How can I solve this?
Thank you.

Hi Bogdan,

It looks like you’ll need to also move the points between your known elevations. In the example that shows what you want to achieve, you have rows of control points between the specified heights that create a smooth transition. If you move only a couple rows as in your second screen shot, you won’t be able to automatically move adjacent rows at the same time.

Hi Bogdan- exact arcs and similar curves often have ‘kinks’ in them, where there are fully multiple knots. Deforming these is tricky- points on either side of the kink must fall on a line with the point on the kink if you do not want an actual sharp kink to appear. You’ll have more predictable behavior from a rebuilt version of the curve (Rebuild command).


Thank you for the replies. Issues solved. I exploded the curve and edited all interpolated points individually and it worked.