Moving control point by snapping, but fix to planar movement

I thought I used to be able to do this using smarttrack in macRhino, but having a little difficulty…

I’d like to move a control point to match to a point by snapping, but only move the control point in planar movement to the c-plane.
SetPT is one, but I was hoping there was a faster way…

As in below screen shot, I’d like to move the point currently highlighted
in the Y-direction in this case, while snapping to the another control point on another curve on differecnt Zposition as reference.
(So, not moving in Z-direction)
Expected placement is similar to where the crv2view would place the point.

It’s related to the below thread:

not sure i understood exactly, but probably project from the osnaps is what you need that allows you to use move with the points along xy but also to draw projected on the cplane.

Hi Toshiaki - if you set the CPlane to the plane you would like to constrain to, or parallel to it, and put both Project ( in Osnaps) and Planar (in the status bar) you should be able to get there.


@RichardZ and @pascal
Thank you both for your advice. Having the Project in Osnaps (project from osnaps)
was what I was looking for.

Also I usally have the Osnap disabled and use “Alt” key to enable the Osnap.
In this case, the Project check box is disabled, is there another quick way to enable/disable the Project function?