Moving complex holes

Hi. I’m designing objects with complex arrays of angled holes through a solid plane. (just a rectangular plane with some thickness)

The holes are often at varying angles and arranged in clusters. I need to be able to move them around in these “clusters” and be able to see how they interact with each other, as they cut through the solid.

Is there a way to basically turn a hole into a “solid hole” (if that makes sense?) -and move it around so I can watch it interact with the solid panel?

p.s. this is in Rhino for Mac -

Hi Shaun- If you leave these as cylinders (assuming that is what they are) and IntersectTwoSets or Intersect with History, you can move them around to taste and see the intersection curves update - if that is enough information…

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Hi. Thanks, but no I don’t think that’s quite what I’m looking for. That just gives me another solid to move around.
The moveHole command is not right either, since you can’t select complex holes, and you can’t see the hole itself until after you’ve moved it.

What I really am looking for is a way to create a negative shape - one of these clusters of holes - and then somehow designate it as if it were a solid.

I need to see the negative form interacting with other forms and be able to move it, scale it, copy it, whatever.

Essentially I am working in Negative space and need to be able to edit those forms in exactly the same way you can with solids.

Currently I make solids which I subtract from other solids, but this does not allow me to see the interactions until I have boolean-ed them. This creates a long history of edits which is sort of tedious.

For example, can a “block” be a “hole”? (Or vice versa, whichever you prefer.)

Hi Shaun- you can sub-object select (cmnd-shift select) the hole surfaces and drag them around- this will be easier if the Cplane is on or parallel to your planar object.


Thanks - that is definitely helpful, and does basically what I need. However because of the complex nature of the holes, going in to sub-select all of these curves just won’t really work for me - I really need to find a one-step solution (if there is one!)

But I would imagine this is a pretty common issue? Wanting to see a complex negative form removed from a solid? And being able to just click on it and move it around to see how it looks/how it cuts through? Also scale it, turn it, etc.?



Would clipping planes work, not sure if this is supported in Mac version:

Of course the usefulness of this would be limited to this specific case, it still does not reflect a solution for a non planar situation.